Côte-Nord getaway, from Tadoussac to Pentecôte

Here are wonders to discover at a glance.
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Day 1 – Arrival

For VRs, night at Camping Tadoussac. For tents, campgrounds Paradis Marin and Mer et Monde in Les Bergeronnes (tenting sites on coastal rock cliffs, perfect for whale watching).

Day 2 – Tadoussac

  1. Discover the village of Tadoussac and its boardwalk along the bay;
  2. Marine mammals interpretation centre (CIMM);
  3. Trail (2 km) close to CIMM;
  4. Enjoy a meal at one of the nice restaurants in Tadoussac.

Day 3 – Tadoussac

3-hour whale watching tour on a zodiac or on a bigger boat. Also a 6-hour cruise on the Saguenay Fjord.

Day 4 – Tadoussac

  1. Walk on the sand dunes;
  2. Walk the beginning of the 45-km hike The Fjord. Turn around after a few hours of mountain trekking. Stunning views.

Day 5 – Sacré-Cœur

  1. Baie Sainte-Marguerite’s trail (easy) along the Fjord.  Possibility to encounter beluga whales;
  2. Discovery center Le Béluga;
  3. Anse de Roche and its Casta Fjord café.

Day 6 – Les Bergeronnes

  1. Kayaking with whales at Paradis Marin campground;
  2. Walking on the rocks, by the sea, and whale watching from the coast;
  3. Cooking over a campfire;
  4. For kids : Cap Bon-Désir interpretation and observation center.

Day 7 – Les Escoumins

  1. Walk from Pointe de la Croix to the pier (1-2 hours);
  2. Marine ecosystem discovery centre (live diver on camera);
  3. Dinner at the famous restaurant « Le Krill Terre et Mer »;
  4. Lunch and/or purchase at the fishery.

Day 8 – Portneuf-sur-mer

Leaving Les Bergeronnes towards Camping de la Mer in Pointe-Lebel (two-hour drive). Two stops along the way: Portneuf-sur-Mer sandbar. Take the trail starting at the tourist information centre. Then, 24 km after Forestville, stop at Norbert’s cove and walk the path starting on the left side of the cove.

Day 9 – Pointe-Lebel

  1. Walk the trails of the Camping de la Mer;
  2. Walk on the Promenade, on the beach and on the sandbanks at low tide;
  3. Dinner at the restaurant of the campground Le Balbuzard.

Day 10 – Baie-Comeau

  1. Jardin des Glaciers;
  2. Take a walk in the Pioneers park from the hotel Le Manoir to the pier;
  3. Enjoy a breakfast or a lunch at Manoir du Café (breakfast menu served until 2 PM).

Day 11 – Baie-Comeau

Attitude Nordique (nature and adrenaline).

Day 12 – Baie-Comeau

Manic 5 hydroelectric dam (the biggest and most impressive at 3-hour drive) or Manic 2 at 1-hour drive. You can fish on public lands on your way to the dams.

Day 13 – Pointe-aux-Outardes and Ragueneau

  1. Parc Nature of Pointe-aux-Outardes;
  2. Walk the trails La Fascine and Rivière aux Rosiers from the old pier of Ragueneau.

Day 14 – Baie-Comeau

Brook trout fishing at Lac Dionne Outfitter.

Day 15 – Pointe-Lebel

  1. Picnic at Pointe-Paradis beach. At low tide, walk to the shellbank. Be careful with the rising tide;
  2. Clam picking on the beach (check if it is allowed at that period).

Day 16

Leaving Pointe-Lebel towards the Gîte du Phare de Pointe-des-Monts campground. On your way, stop in Godbout village. As you arrive by the sea, turn right to access the beach.

Day 17 – Pointe-des-Monts

  1. Whale watching from the beach;
  2. Visit the lighthouse;
  3. Dinner at the lighthouse or at the Gîte du Phare.

Day 18 – Pointe-des-Monts

  1. Walk on the trail and visit the Ashini camp;
  2. Walk on the rocks (by the sea) towards the Great Saint-Augustin Cove.

Day 19 – Baie-Trinité

Picnic on the most beautiful beach in the world. Get to the end of Pointe-à-Poulin and continue walking for 2 km towards Anse de sable.

Day 20

Leaving for Sept-Îles. On the way, take the road that crosses Pentecôte village (street parallele to road 138). It is a narrow and winding road with beautiful landscapes and scenic views.

Hoping that we made you dream about Côte-Nord! Have a safe travel!!!